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Item Description

2006 Accu-Router


Base Specification, Material Holddown

High Velocity Series III-C equipped with a 60” X 120” X 2.500” thick aluminum jig plate

table with 50 individually plumbed flotation balls and three perimeter swing-up stops

mounted in steel inserts with Loctite;

 precision ball screws are used on the X & Y axes, including a 40 mm O.D. spin-the-nut

model on X with automatic oil lubrication;

 machine rapid positioning feedrates are 3,000 inches per minute (X & Y) and 1,000 inches

per minute (Z);

 programmable travels are 120” (X), 72” (Y), and 9” (Z);

 Accu-Router engineering Roller Assist holddown system with quick release pins and ductile

iron bearing hangers for single or stacked panel cutting;

 wired for 460/3/60 electrical service.

Spindle Assembly: The Heart of an Accu-Router

  one liquid chilled, premium XR-15 power draw bar spindle (15 HP @ 18,000 rpm, 1” collet

capacity) with four large SFNA ceramic bearings (65 mm – nose, 40 mm – upper shaft) and

an Ott-Jakobs (German) massive shaft, draw bar assembly, and retention system (3,200 #

of force)

 Ott-Jakobs draw bar assembly has a precision gripper front end that interfaces to HSK 63F

pre-set tool holders;

  push button switch is provided to allow manual quick change of pre-set HSK 63F tool

holders; the spindle is mounted on a cast iron platform for very high system rigidity;

 8-tool rotary changer retrofitted at customer site, December 2006

  the spindle is supplied with an auxiliary chiller unit, dust hood, and one HSK 63F tool

holder and collet.


Price: 59,900 FOB NC loaded on buyers truck

Unit is disconnected but can be inspected -  owner says it runs good

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